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Why does Bump Occurs after Facial Waxing

Every girl is in search for looking beautiful where she ends up by removing facial hairs with wax method that is the leading concept for clear skin. But you never know it can cause bumps too.

Most of us use wax to remove unwanted hairs from the body and now everyone prefer for skin too. However, some end up there waxing process by causing itchy bumps and redness on the areas where the wax has applied. Redness and itching of the facial skin is the common problem that last only for some time but what about the bumps that cause after waxing. Bumps can occur on any part of your face after waxing and its quite embarrassing if the bump pop out near upper lip or nearby eyebrow area.

Knowing the reasons of the bumps that occur on your face after waxing is very necessary as it immediate comes into contact of others, which a girl never wants anytime in her life. Therefore, here are some reasons that you must know why the bumps occur so that you won’t repeat this process for the next time.

What are the Symptoms?

Bumps that cause due to shaving or waxing look like acne on your facial skin. The skin reaction that cause due to waxing can make your skin red and irritation on your skin due to the severe agony on waxing your facial hairs. You can observe red bumps on your face with the small hoop of hair.

What are the Causes?

Red bumps that occur due to waxing are known as folliculitis. It is also known as follicles that often affects due to staphylococcus aureus. This problem is also known as barber’s rash. The problem occurs due to bacteria that enters into the hair follicle and infect it. Red bumps also caused due to ingrown hairs if the hairs are pulled in an improper manner and starts growing into the surface of follicle wall.

How to take preventative measures towards it?

Waxing your hairs in a clean environment is very necessary. Maintaining hygiene wax helps to reduce bacteria that enter into your body. If you take, the help of professional for waxing your body then make sure that your professionalism uses the germs free spatula. Spatula can transfer the germs from one person to another and likely to cause infection. If you wax, your hairs at home then ensure that you use salicylic acid to your skin before waxing your hairs to remove germs. Wear loose fitting clothes after waxing to avoid rubbing and irritating on the skin. Loose fitting of clothes can also prevent from red bumps that occur after waxing.

Is there any treatment available for it?  

If the red bumps have, appeared on your skin then treat it with cortisone cream by wiping the cream on area where red bumps have appeared. This cream helps to limit the blood vessels by reducing the redness and irritating on the skin. If the bumps have occurred due to ingrown hairs, then take the help of tweezers. Make sure that you sterilize tweezers before using it. Lift up the embedded hair with end of the hair. Be careful that you must not touch that root of the hair to stay away from infection and redness.

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